Pass Through Sandwich Warmers

Keep Sandwiches Hot and Fresh...From Kitchen to Customer!

Hold cooked food longer and keep it fresh from wrapping to serving!

Pass Through Sandwich Warmers by Merco provide even heat, keeping sandwiches warm and increasing hold time. Constructed of durable stainless steel and aluminum, Merco's Pass Through Sandwich Warmers feature an insulated heat cable base, patented EZ-Insert® heat tubes, and individual infinitely adjustable controls for both top and bottom heat.  Easy-to-load, forward slanted design insures product rotation. Merchandising grates, heat shields and many sizes available to meet any requirement.

See table below for model numbers, watts, and sizes:

Pass Through Sandwich Warmers
ModelWattsLength inch/cm
SW-241896024" (61.8 cm)
SW-3618114536" (91.4 cm)
SW-4818156048" (121.9 cm)
SW-6018196060" (152.4 cm)
SW-7218229072" (182.9 cm)
SW-8418260584" (213.4 cm)
SW-2430172024" (61.8 cm)
SW-3630211036" (91.4 cm)
SW-4830284048" (121.9 cm)
SW-6030374060" (152.4 cm)
SW-7230422072" (182.9 cm)

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction

Merco's Pass Through Sandwich Warmers are manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum alloys, selected for long life, even heat transfer and easy cleaning.

Patented EZ-Insert® Heat Tubes

EZ-Insert® heat tubes provide a wide, even heat pattern and feature simple snap-in replacement.

Individual Heat Controls

Both the top and base of the Pass Through Sandwich Warmer have individual, infinitely adjustable heat controls that let you "dial-in" the perfect temperature to keep food fresh and hot without continued cooking or drying.

Forward-Slant Design

Easy-to-load, forward-slant design insures product rotation.

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Pass Through Sandwich Warmers

Keep Sandwiches Hot and Fresh...From Kitchen to Customer!

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